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Yoga Class Options & Prices

Location accommodations dependent on class size.

Feel free to contact me with any inquiries or to customize your class!

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Gentle Flow

This class is great for beginners and all levels. We start off with some sun salutations to warm up the body and move into gentle poses held for 30-60 seconds allowing a for deeper release of tension in the body.

60 min class

1-2 people   $30

3-6 people  $50

7+ people    $100

Flow Jam

This upbeat class will have you flowing to rhythmic music. An interactive class filled with enjoyable partner, group, and individual exercises. We'll get the body moving and work on strength and focus based poses.

60 min class 

1-2 people   $30

3-6 people   $50

7+ people     $100

Relaxed with Reiki

This class will focus on breath work and incorporate mindful meditation. We'll hold poses for deep relaxation and I'll offer hands on or off body reiki (dependent on student preference) throughout class.

90 min class

1-2 people   $50

3-6 people  $80

7+ people    $150